Industries Served

Sterling International works with organizations interested in transformational change. The principles and processes we use are based on proven best practices employed by some of the most successful organizations in the world.These practices can be applied to almost any industry and any organization including


Organizations that sell products or services


Public and private organizations that deliver educational services including schools and school districts


Healthcare organizations including health plans, physicians’ groups, insurers, labs and more


Charitable organizations, trade associations, social service agencies, professional societies, credit unions and other organizations that serve the public


Local, state and federal government agencies or divisions

The Sterling International Excellence Model can assist any organization to:
Improve its bottom line
Lower costs
Better manage its budget
Improve efficiency and productivity
Reduce turnover, boost workforce engagement
Increase customer satisfaction
Focus on what’s most important to the organization’s success
Confirm strengths and identify opportunities for improvement

If your organization is striving for performance excellence, Sterling International can help shorten your learning curve and accelerate your success. Contact us today to discuss the exciting possibilities.