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Become a Sterling International Ambassador and gain the knowledge and tools you need to reach your highest goals. To learn more about the Ambassador program

Sterling International offers ambitious executives from any country in any industry the opportunity to become certified as Sterling International Ambassadors. This is a prestigious designation that involves a serious commitment to learning the principles, skills and systems thinking that lead to organizational success. The Sterling Ambassador experience is an intensive professional growth opportunity in which over the course of four months, you learn the theories and techniques used by high-performing organizations and gain hands-on training in applying their methods.

You will become well-versed in the world-renowned Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and learn to apply Sterling International’s ADLI (Approach, Deployment, Learning, and Integration) analysis system. Additionally, you'll gain the skills and mindset of system thinking that will give you big-picture perspectives and allow you to suggest and implement cross-cut improvements. You’ll work on developing your leadership, communication, analytical and interpersonal skills to ultimately become more than a top individual contributor but also a capable leader who inspires success.

Ask yourself if you have what it takes to:

Analyze an organization and identify its strengths and weaknesses Learn and implement proven best practices Set high standards and promote continuous improvement Foster a corporate culture that encourages innovation Become a transformative leader who inspires others Guide your organization to sustainable performance excellence