Sterling International Award

Sterling International seeks to recognize organizations that have distinguished themselves through consistent performance excellence, becoming a leader in their community. The award is a testimony to their accomplishments in their respective fields and their commitment to exemplary quality in all aspects of their operation. Winning a Sterling International Award raises an organization’s profile and enhances its public standing on a global stage. It can help the organization to attract new business by adding a level of prestige to its reputation. And it positions the organization as a role model to others in the industry.

The award is available to organizations in:

Business Education Healthcare Nonprofit/Charity Government

Unlike most business excellence awards,
to be considered for the Sterling International Award involves far more than completing a simple application.
It is a rigorous undertaking in which all components of an organization are scrutinized.

Evaluations take several weeks and can include focus groups, interviews, document reviews and onsite inspections. Often the evaluations uncover opportunities for improvement, which the organization must then rectify, a process that can take months and sometimes even years. In this way, applying for the Sterling International Award is as much about the journey as it is the end result, which is confirmation of performance excellence. If you’d like to know more about applying for the prestigious Sterling International Award, Contact us today !