Sterling International provides businesses around the globe with the blueprint for a sustainable level of performance excellence. We do this through offering a variety of in-depth assessments, critical training and world-class consulting to help organizations achieve their highest goals
Clients choose to work with Sterling International to accelerate and maximize their success. We can assist them to:
▪ Improve business processes
▪ Optimize productivity
▪ Boost profitability
▪ Attract and retain talent
▪ Assure quality
▪ Increase customer satisfaction
We work with organizations and individuals interested in achieving their maximum potential. Toward that end, we offer evaluations, advisory and consulting services, and training.
In helping organizations achieve performance excellence, Sterling International provides training in four key areas: change management, strategy deployment, organizational development and Transformational Leadership
The headquarters of Sterling International is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, our highly trained team of global executives, known as Sterling International’s ambassadors, have roots in 16 different countries, allowing us to work with organizations throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
We work with mid-sized to large organizations that are interested in transformational change. We introduce them to proven best practices employed by some of the most successful organizations in the world. These practices can be applied to almost any industry and any organization including business, education, healthcare, nonprofit and government.
Sterling International is the global partner to the Florida Sterling Council, which has offered organizational consulting to businesses in the U.S. for more than 25 years. Now, for the first time, the same methodologies and proven best practices that drive sustainable performance excellence in American businesses are being made available to organizations around the world.
Sterling International is affiliated with two prominent American universities, Florida International University and Florida State University. Our affiliations provide us with access to the highest level of educational resources, which we can then apply to our work with clients.
Sterling International seeks to recognize organizations that have distinguished themselves through consistent performance excellence. The requirements for the award are extremely rigorous and often the detailed evaluations that organizations must undergo reveal shortcomings in their operations. Sterling International can then assist those organizations in fine-tuning the areas in which they’re lacking. The journey toward meeting the award’s high standards is a significant part of the award’s value. Winning a Sterling International Award raises an organization’s profile and enhances its public standing on a global stage. It can help the organization to attract new business and positions it as a role model to others in its industry as well as its country.
Sterling International offers ambitious executives from any country in any industry the opportunity to become certified as Sterling International Ambassadors. This is a prestigious designation that involves a serious commitment to learning the principles, skills and systems thinking that lead to organizational success
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